BEGINNER FLIPPERS   3-5 Years not in Kindergarten 

This class focuses on confidence, tumbling exercises and social skills.  Props are used to develop better coordination and balance.  Skills are taught with props and apparatus i.e: Walking on balance beams, Front rolls and Cartwheels.  This class do not participate in our year end Recital.  30 minutes

TUMBLING (K-Up) Beginner, Beg/Int, Intermediate, Int/Adv, Advanced 1 & 2

These classes focus on strength, flexibility and tumbling exercises.  Beginner through advanced skills are taught i.e:  Cartwheels, Front and Back Walkovers, Back Handsprings, Tucks and Aerial skills.  These classes do participate in our year end Recital  1 Hour

Attire: Leotard, Dance Shorts.  No loose clothing. Shoes such as a Ballet or Jazz shoe required.