Q: Is there a dress code at Boyd Dance Studios?
A: Yes. At  Boyd Dance Studios students are required to wear certain colors of leotards and tights depending on the classes they are enrolled in. NOTE: Hip Hop & Musical Theater does not have a required dress code although we recommend the dancewear available in our BDS Dance Shop

Q: Why is there a dress code at Boyd Dance Studios?
1. The simple leotard, tights, and tutu outfits make it possible for the instructors to see the dancer’s bodies so they can make the proper corrections.
2. Like Karate the different colors represent growth to the next level of dance which give dancers a goal they can strive to attain.
3. Young dancers are often distracted by their own dancewear. Large skirts and/or tutus become the dancer’s focus instead of the instructor.
4. Learning to dance and work together as a team can be more easily achieved by removing the distraction of different dancewear.
5. Instructors are able to choreograph dances more effectively when the dancers are dressed the same.

Q: Where can we purchase our dancewear?
A: All classes have a required class color outfit available through the BDS Dance Shop at a very affordable price. For all other dance wear we strongly encourage you to use the BDS Dance Shop for the following reasons.
1. The Dance Shop is set up with all the correct colors, shoes, leotards and tights that are required for your class. Many of our shoes are the color and style we use in our recitals, so it is better to have the correct items at the beginning in order to avoid having to purchase shoes again.
2. The prices are excellent and the quality of their dancewear is superb.
3. Did we mention that this is more convenient than driving all over to find dancewear?

Q: How do I know what to buy for my dancer?
A: Visit our BDS Dance Shop for a complete list of required dancewear and instructions on how to place your order